About Heal 360 Urgent Care

Our vision is to be able to provide an affordable and quality healthcare system that is accessible to all. Convenient and outstanding patient experience is our goal. We thrive to provide you 360 degrees healthcare in a friendly neighborhood environment.

We focus heavily on providing the best patient experience for our family of patients. Every patient is a concierge patient for us; our full attention goes to them by keeping them engaged about their own healthcare and wellness.

Meet our Physicians

Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, MD

Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, MD

Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, MD (Speaks Arabic)

Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, MD Mohammed Amer Mohiuddin, MD, is a graduate of State University of New York Medical School, the first medical school founded inside of a hospital 140 years ago, implementing bedside training as an integral part of his education. He participated in the Geriatrics Fellowship Program at NYSU after receiving specialty training in the Family Medicine Residency Program, as well as ABPS Board Certification for Emergency Medicine.

Mohiuddin has been practicing medicine since he graduated in 2007, and served as a Chairman of Emergency Medicine at the International Medical Center until 2011. In 2011 he became a Medical Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at his alma mater, NYSU in Buffalo, NY. After serving as a Medical Director for Baylor Emergency Medical Centers, Dallas TX he began his work at Heal 360 Urgent & Primary Care where he serves to fulfill his dream of bringing affordable and quality healthcare to those who need it most, from the young to the elderly.




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