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Our vision is to be able to provide an affordable and quality healthcare system that is accessible to all. Convenient and outstanding patient experience is our goal. We thrive to provide you 360 degrees healthcare in a friendly neighborhood environment.


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Fast And Affordable ER Alternative

Only $99 Visit Charge for Uninsured

  ER Alternative
Why go to ER?

For life's little emergencies our Heal 360 urgent care is your smartest and best choice! You will be in and out in around less than 20 minutes, as Heal 360 offers minimum waiting times and less expensive ER alternatives in this era of high deductibles and big copays so often typical of these changing times in the health care industry.

Family Medicine Walk in

Why keep delaying your annual or regular checkup/physical exam due to being busy or not able to see your doctor during working hours? We offer convenient and after hours physical exams including our famous 'Weekend Physical/Checkup'.

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We offer you the best of technology for your convenience with online check in and online appointments from the comfort of your living room or your office. You will spend less waiting time in our Heal 360 Urgent Care and more healing time at your home.

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Heal 360 Urgent Care Blog

Seasonal Allergies: Allergy Tablets vs. Allergy Shots

On WebMD, we found a very good article about Seasonal Allergies as we are facing now In the DFW area with pollens in the air and stuffy noses and congested tearing eyes. If you take allergy medication, but pollen is still wreaking havoc on your life every spring and fall, there’s a new treatment to talk to an allergist about: allergy tablets. They’re like allergy shots, without the shots. The tablets work by letting small doses of an allergen dissolve under your tongue. For example, if you’re allergic to ragweed, you get exposed to a tiny bit of ragweed every day. It's so small that you’re unlikely to have a reaction to it.

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